Brazilian visa in Houston

Applying for a visa with an Indian passport can be a hassle but surprisingly this was one of the easiest ones to get. Even though there was some drama involved, I was in and out of the consulate in 20 minutes with my visa stamped!

The procedure to obtain the visa is as below –

1. Fill out the online application form. The Consular website also has a useful link for filling out the application form here.

2. Schedule an appointment after filling out the application form.

3. Visa application fee for Indians is $20 and has to be paid through a USPS money order payable to the “CONSULATE GENERAL OF BRAZIL” and fill out your details on the money order.

I had my appointment on the 11th of December 2014 at 9:15 in the morning. I reached the consulate at 9:10 and my name was called out immediately. So I would recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your slot. Worst case if you do miss your allotted time; I heard the officer calling out names later as well to check if the person had arrived so it might be ok but I wouldn’t risk it.

The lady at the consulate who interviewed me was ruthlessly efficient and was getting through most interviews in less than 2 minutes. I had carried a number of documents to the consulate right from my US visa copy,employment letter, notarized bank statements, tax statements, flights in and out of South America to my hostel bookings in Brazil but she kept insisting on flight tickets in and out of Brazil! I tried explaining to her that I would be going on a backpacking trip and tried showing her my tickets in and out of South America. But she refused to even look at those. Finally, I told her I would be there for Carnaval and showed her my booking in Rio for the duration of the extravaganza. Her eyes lit up and she asked me why I had not shown her this earlier and also mentioned I was going for the Carnaval? I heaved a huge internal sigh of relief!

She then took my passport and the print out that I had from filling out the online application form and asked me to wait till the visa was stamped on my passport. I waited for about 10-15 minutes while the other applicants were being interviewed and thereafter, promptly received my passport with the visa glued on it. She asked me to verify the details on it and after doing so also said that she hoped I would have a wonderful time at the Carnaval and to travel safe! 🙂

Upon my later perusal, I noticed that my visa was valid for a year and that I could enter it at any time during this period 🙂

Since, my trip has been postponed now, I can probably, hopefully, use the same visa later in the year! 🙂

The Brazilian Consulate is located near the 610 Post Oak intersection at –

Park Tower North,

Suite 1150, 1233 West Loop S,

Houston, TX 77027